The Adventures of Dr. GOODF*U available worldwide.

My latest full-length album – THE ADVENTURES OF DR. GOODF*U – is out now and available at all the major digital distributors…

The story told on this concept music album, released officially on October 21st, 2015, comes from a local newspaper report detailing efforts by the police to apprehend an enigmatic figure – known only by the name Dr. GoodF*U. First identified by “D. Baker” – a local neighborhood leader – this “doctor” had foiled for a long time all law enforcement investigations.

HSRCD08 - med

Told over a 14-song arc, THE ADVENTURES OF DR. GOODF*U is my attempt to document and encapsulate in a musical journey the experiences of eyewitnesses who’ve reported seeing GOOD F*U roaming trough the night injecting innocent but sexy people with “Dansexyclin” – a white murky substance – that would have the victims dancing and/or having sex days at a time, with episodes describe as lasting more then 96 hours!

With such tracks as “Mamma Needs A Bump” – a slow gritty affair that begins innocently with tight coordinated drums and with no warning turns into an incessant plea from “Mamma” by way of a shoe-tripping breakdown; or “Twisty Pole” – an undisguised ode to the cult of the modern Venus-Fly-Trap or Steve-Slurp-Trap; to “What The F*ck, Seriously?” – the bookend of the album, the entire journey is a slow, masochistic roller-coaster ride through our most basic-animalistic desires and tendencies punctuated by that delicious ghostly needle of musical pleasures and nirvana.

Come experience this totally unexpected “Dansexyclin” treatment – the sex, drugs and tehcno anti-biotic –  that i have put together for you – if you dare!  The full album can be purchased with just a couple of clicks of the mouse or flicks of the index-finder at these fine establishments:

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For more detailed information about this release, please visit the official website for TAODGFU where you can listen to all the tracks, browse the album digital booklet, view pictures and music videos, sign up for upcoming tour dates schedules, join my mailing list and even get exclusive FREE download coupons – yes, i said FREE downloads!

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