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After a brutal winter hiatus here in New York city, I have been slowly getting my focus and work groove back. Amid a very recent death of a parent and through finishing a couple of major network home projects, there’s been a theme that has been happily dancing in my mind (or should I say stomping) and it is getting clearer and clearer.

I believe this is going to be the “year of the social network revamp” for me. Not to say that I was not socially connected but who has time to manage all the various platforms that demand your attention while still managing to have a strong, focused and cohesive voice or message across the border?

My main problem always was that each network is its own silo and having to jump in and out of each web page, mobile app, desktop program just to check up on fans and friends or to keep in touch proved to be the camel that broke my grumpy back. Once I realized that it was not the social networks per say or the deluge of posts that kept me away, I resolved that the only way I was gonna make this work for me was to approach it from a clean solitary feed (similar to the way Google’s Inbox makes my emails management a thousand times easier than the crowded Gmail interface).

I searched and searched for a few months and tested several apps or web services until I found a couple that presented me with one integrated feed – including my fan pages, communities and business portals.

Right now, Alternion on the desktop and laptop, One Feed Social on Android and Social Fusee on IOS all deliver me my spaghetti of news and posts in one continuously updating feed. I can favorite and joke with my crew on Twitter, like and support my fans and label mates on Facebook, act like the spoiled creative artist on Google+ and still handle business on LinkedIn.

On the submission side, Buffer and Friends+Me take care of distributing, scheduling and refactoring all my posts and status updates while still leaving me with the freedom to customize.&nbsp I gotta also mention Cyfe that has allowed me to track exactly the metrics that are important to me while giving me the freedom to mix and match from various networks.

At least in my mind, I strongly believe this combo is gonna give me the ease of use and tools to really take control of my social presence and deliver a cohesive and engaging mind fuck.

Only time will tell… I will try to update my progress or here as much as I can. Watch out networks of social bent, CJ’s returning to meddle, joke, entertain, educate, piss off and delight you all.

Source: CJB News